Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures


Policies and Procedures

 Occupancy: The max # allowed in the vacation home is indicated on the individual unit page and on the rental agreement. Children 2+ are counted in the total. Occupancy represents the total # of people allowed in the property (inside or outside) day or night. Violation of this rule will result in immediate eviction.

Bring Your Fur Babies: Some of our units will only accept dogs and some will accept dogs and cats. Please check with us to determine which unit(s) will work for you depending on what type of pet you may have. There is a $125.00 non-refundable pet fee for each rental that has a pet. If a pet is found in an unauthorized property the tenant will be charged for any and all clean up and evicted.

Payment Procedure for Reservations: Half of the total rent is due 7 days after making the reservation. Your final balance is due on arrival, if arriving before 5:00 p.m., with cash, certified check or money order. If arriving after 5:00 p.m. you will need to be paid in full prior to your arrival so we can leave you a key. Reservations made within 30 days of the arrival date payment must be made by certified check or money order. You may pay, at any time, with a Visa, Mastercard or Discover with a 5% surcharge. If any rental prepayment or portion of payment is not received by the specified due date your reservation may be canceled and the property released for general sale. A $30.00 bank charge will be assessed for all return checks.

Cancellations and Reservation Changes: Sometimes cancellations are unavoidable and we will do our best to re-rent your reserved property for the same time period and rate. All cancellations or reservation changes must be made in writing, preferably via email. Cancellations are subject to a $50.00 cancellation fee. Reservation changes are subject to a 15% charge of rent. If the property is canceled by the renter any prepayment monies cannot be returned unless the property is re-rented at no loss to the owner. If we are unable to re-rent the property at no loss to the owner the rental prepayment will be forfeited. We do offer Travel & Vacation Insurance which helps prevent loss of monies for any unforeseeable circumstances.  Click HERE for more information

Travel/Lodging Protection Plan: An unexpected incident, extreme weather, injury or illness may cause it necessary for you to cancel your vacation. It is because of the unexpected that Beech Mountain Chalet Rentals recommends that you strongly consider “Cancellation Insurance” to protect your vacation investment. The Travel/Lodging Protection Plane provided by C.S.A. Inc., covers certain unforeseen reasons for trip interruption and/or cancellation. The fee is added to your reservation as an optional item. If you do not wish to insure your travel plans you my opt out and deduct the insurance premium. A complete information pamphlet will be sent with your reservation contract. Coverage is not in force unless payment has been made for this plan at the time of making the reservation.  Click HERE for more information

Damage Protection Plan Insurance: All reservations require a $50.00 Security Deposit Protection Plan Insurance in lieu of a refundable damage deposit. This will help to better protect our guests and homeowners against accidental damage to the property. The $50.00 Security Deposit Protection Plan Insurance is NON-REFUNDABLE. We also require a credit card number to be left on file for any charges that may not be covered under the Security Deposit Protection Plan Insurance.

Check In Procedures: Check in begins at 4:00 p.m. during Ski Season and begins a 3:00 p.m. the rest of the year. You may call ahead on the day of arrival to check the status. Some units may be ready before the regular check in time. We will let you check in as soon as your property has been inspected and is ready to go. Do not plan on buying groceries before check in unless you call ahead and find out the status of your unit. DO NOT enter the home until you have received the keys from the rental office. In very unusual circumstances it may be necessary to delay occupancy beyond 4:00 p.m. until your property is ready.

Keys: We provide 2 sets of door keys. Please be sure to return all keys to our rental office upon check out. Any key not returned will be charged $10.00 per key. We do not want your money we just have to maintain tight key control.

Late Arrivals: RENT MUST BE PAID IN FULL. It may be necessary to come into the rental office to pick-up the 2nd key. One key, map and written directions will be in our late arrivals box located to the right of our office’s front door.

Check Out Procedures: We hope that you have had such a great time that it is hard to leave but please check out at 10:00 a.m. so the property can be prepared for the next guest. If you have any questions regarding check out time and/or procedures they are located on the back of your map or fell free to contact the office at anytime with questions.

1. Garbage must be take to the Town of Beech Mountain Recycling Center before departure. The recycling center is located across from Fred’s General Mercantile. DO NOT place trash in the trash bins, leave inside the home or on deck/porch. You will be charged if the trash is strewn about by animals

2. Do not leave any dirty dishes. Liquid dish soap as well as detergent for the automatic dishwasher is provided if you do not have any please contact the office. DO NOT put liquid dish soap in the dishwasher

3. If leaving before office hours please drop your keys in the drop box located to the right of our front door.

Accommodations: Beech Mountain Chalet Rentals offers some of the finest and cleanest homes available for rent on Beech Mountain. All homes are individually owned and reflect the personal taste of each individual owner. Every effort has been made to ensure that our descriptions and amenities are accurate. However, we are not responsible for changes made by owner(s) to furnishings, equipment, amenities or printing errors. Our homes are well maintained and very clean but these homes are unique, such as your own, and they may experience unexpected breakdowns. We will make every effort to rectify any “displeasing” situation in as a timely manner as possible. Please understand that certain emergencies and/or breakdowns take precedence. Also, maintenance problems requiring professional service or parts will not be available on holidays and weekends. For after hours emergencies call our local #828-387-4231 and you will be given the necessary steps to take to report the emergency. For medical emergencies call 911. For non-emergency situations you can leave a message on our voicemail or you can call during normal business hours. No refund will be issued due to malfunctioning equipment or other guest dissatisfaction

What Is Provided: Linens are provided for all our renters. Towels, hand towels, bath mats and wash cloths are provided for the number of occupants listed on the rental agreement. Beds specified in the listing will have sheets and pillowcases. Please be sure ALL linens stay when you leave. All of our homes feature standard items which include the following: drip coffeemaker, toaster, pots & pans, dishes, utensils and glassware. All other unique and specific equipment and amenities will vary by property.

Hot tubs, DVD players, porch furniture, grills, recreational games and equipment and the like are furnished as a courtesy by the owner and are not guaranteed. Refunds will not be given due to breakdown

What You Need to Bring: Paper products, bath toiletries, detergents and trash bags are not supplied for your entire stay. The initial set up provides you 1 roll of paper towels, small bars of soap for each bathroom, 1 roll of toilet paper per bathroom and all the garbage cans will have a trash bag in them. Anything, after this initial set up, will be your responsibility. We do provide liquid dish soap and automatic dishwasher detergent. DO NOT put liquid soap in the dishwasher.

From late October until may Beech Mountain can have lots of natural snowfall. You must be prepared with a 4x4 OR snow chains. Chains can be purchased in the area in the event of a snowstorm during your stay. Firewood is NOT provided. Call our office and for a charge we can have firewood delivered at our earliest convenience. Please do not build large fires in wood burning fireplaces. Please leave ashes in the fireplace at departure we will take care of them. Gas for the gas fireplaces is provided.

Gas Fireplaces: The pilot light will be lit prior to your arrival. If the pilot light goes out during your stay please contact the office and we will send someone to re-light it at our earliest convenience. Under NO circumstances should the fire logs be removed or rearranged.

Grills: Outdoor BBQ grills are not guaranteed for any reservation from November through April due to severe weather conditions. If your unit has a grill during this time frame feel free to use it at your expense. Make sure to use either propane or charcoal depending on the type of grill the unit may have. Not all units allow grills.

What If Your Rental Home Is For Sale: In the event the property you are renting is on the market for sale we may find the need to schedule a showing during your stay. We will make every effort to make it as convenient as we can for you.